Keystone Shops

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Client: Galaxy Development, LLC

Project Size: 4.2 acres; 33,000sft Commerce Retail

Construction Value: $1.6 Million Site Costs

Completion Status: September 2009

Project Highlights:

Our Challenge:

DyMar Inc. was retained to design a commercial strip center as an extension to the existing Stop and Shop Plaza off of Linwood Avenue (SR 16) adjacent to the westbound exit ramp to CT Route 22. Topographic, storm water management, and site access were the constraints that posed the most difficult challenges.

Our Solution:

Site access was resolved by providing access from the signalized intersection to Stop and Shop via a negotiated easement and a new curb cut to allow right in and right out to the parcel. A total of 158 parking spaces were included along with shared parking arrangement with Stop and Shop. Storm water management included a subsurface storm water detention system consisting of 100 linear feet of 30 inch diameter ADS watertight pipe and an infiltration recharge system for roof tops. Pre-treatment was accomplished with continuous deflective separation units. The outcome was a reduction in peak flow for all storm events. The topographic conditions were solved with the design and construction of both a segmented gravity wall system and a Versa-Lok block wall, which created space to provide a pedestrian sidewalk along Linwood Avenue.

Our Deliverable:

Site civil design, local and CDOT permits, land surveying – Alta, stakeout and as-builts, Construction inspection, and support services.

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