Belta Farms Residential Subdivision

Belta Farms residential subdivision is a featured project of DyMar.

Belta Farms

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Client: Estate of James S. & Dina Belta, Gregory Belta and Concettina G. Caruso

Project Size: 23+ Acres

Construction Value: Infrastructure @ $900,000

Completion Status: Infrastructure 2022

Project Highlights:

Our Challenge:

DyMar Inc. was retained to maximize the lot count at the least infrastructure costs.

Services Provided: Master planning, site civil and land surveying services, lot design services, regulatory permits, layout stakeout and as-builts, construction inspections and administration assistance

DyMar Inc. developed

Our Deliverable:

Approval for 9 lot open space subdivision under section 56 of the subdivision regulations including 4.9 acres of private open space with a road length of 960 L.F. served by public water, on-site septic and natural gas.

Belta’s Farm Subdivision Preserves Open Space

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