Featured Projects

DyMar is a full-service project planning resource providing engineering, planning, surveying and development services. These are some of our featured projects.

  • Parking available at the condominium.
  • Retaining wall and fence constructed.
  • Driveway at the entrance of the condominium.
  • Concrete truck and curb extruder.

Client: Orange East Master Condominium, Inc

Project Size: 180 Townhouse units on 13 acres

Construction Value: $780,000

Completion Status: June 2011

Project Highlights:

Our Challenge:

DyMar Inc. was retained in December 2010 to evaluate alternatives for upgrading the existing pavement and drainage conditions for a community that was built in the 1970’s. The Board of Directors was looking to DyMar to provide recommendations to improve public safety, handicap accessibility, reduce flooding to basements and the community building, and to provide pavement replacement options based on a cost-benefit analysis of alternatives. The object was to guide the board through the planning, design-development, bidding public participation and construction process with the goal having the work substantially completed before July 4th, 2011

Our Solution:

DyMar Inc. developed a site and drainage improvement plan that addressed solving public safety issues resulting from trip hazards from tree roots, rood drains directly discharging through curbing as well as across existing sidewalks, clogged yard drains, localized ponding and inadequate gutter flow and catch basins. The site assessment of existing conditions, in conjunction with the cost-benefit analysis, demonstrated reclaiming the existing pavement and installing new bituminous pavement with extruded concrete curbing was the most favorable solution for the needs of the community.

Our Deliverable:

Design-build-Construction Documents, permit approvals, assistance with a Public Participation Forum, Construction Oversight and final project costs below $950,000 budgeted.