Career Opportunities at DyMar

Career opportunities at DyMar are meaningful and fulfilling. We care about and support our employees while also challenging them to grow with the company. This company rewards and celebrates successes while encouraging employees to stretch their skills and capabilities. We value trust, respect and have a positive culture.

Civil Engineering Career Opportunties at DyMar

Civil engineers design major transportation projects. In General, they conceive, design, build, supervise, operate, construct and maintain systems in the public and private sector. This includes roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges and water supply and sewage treatment. An Engineer will use math and science to solve different technical problems. In addition, they will conduct on-site investigations and analyze data, assessing potential risks, materials and costs. Engineers comply with guidelines and regulations including permits and safety. You will work in a fast-growing dynamic industry, uniquely contributing towards healthy economies and consequently making lasting positive impacts to society.

Land Surveying Career Opportunities at DyMar

Surveyors update boundary lines and prepare sites for construction. They make precise measurements to determine property lines, maps and as built mapping of construction projects. Surveyors provide data relevant to shape and contour the Earth’s surface. Land Surveyors work to clarify and deliver technical files and other technical documentation as required. You will conduct surveys on land sites, properties and examine records. Surveyors research and design methods for surveying, use equipment, build maps, sketches and charts. Land surveyors perform mathematical calculations, analyze data, record results accurately and have great communication skills.

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