Our Team

Our Strategy


Our team of professionals will be creative in resolving engineering and environmental problems into workable solutions that are sensitive to the balance between economic prosperity and economic reality. We achieve excellence in planning and design by working closely with our clients and effectively communicating strategies that are tailored to their needs in developing “Win-Win” solutions.

Our Goal


To motivate action by working strategies through a team building process, listening and understanding our assignment and, most importantly, being committed to providing our clients with managed solutions which are technically responsive and economically feasible.

How Our Team of Professionals will Execute

Problem Solvers

We are problem solvers recognizing that each client has different demands. Our approach is to marshal the needed resources to match those demands effectively; by utilizing our team of trained professionals to respond to the precise goals and needs of our clients.

Team Concept

We utilize a team concept to transform ideas into design solutions by investigating opportunities, constraints and alternatives whether the project is small or large.


We integrate technology, safety, economy, operability and aesthetics into an end project which is sensitive to minimizing construction costs and maximizing our clients’ investment.


We stay current with changes in the marketplace, regulatory processes and technology by monitoring local and regional trends for changes in the legal, economic and political boundaries of a project.


We communicate with public agencies to expedite the permit approval process, recognizing solutions are always influenced by regulatory controls and market demands.


We invest in our future by providing our team of managers, professionals and support staff with reliable tools and information to keep them in touch with technology. Consequently, our clients are assured a service which can respond without hesitation to the needs of their organization.

Personalized Service

We work hard to provide a personalized service of proven experience which responds efficiently within realistic budgets and time schedules, always keeping our clients informed of the project’s status throughout the process.

Mark E. Lancor P.E.


Diane Bolder-Lancor


Scott Lukowski, P.E.


Steven M. Gabriele, R.L.S.


Carrick Blair

Land Surveyor, Lead Technician