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Engineering, Project Design, and Site Planning at DyMar

As an engineering, project design and site planning company, we are a comprehensive full-service project planning resource. Contact us and you will get a lean and energetic company that provides quality and affordable civil engineering, site planning, surveying, and development services throughout Connecticut and beyond.

Mark E. Lancor, PE, Principal

Steve Gabriel RLS for Land Surveying Services


DyMar is a trusted advisor to our clients and that means taking a personal approach to listening to their needs and building relationships. We identify technical solutions that are realistic, affordable and that will maximize Return on Investment. We stay current with the rapid changes in political, regulatory, market, technological and economic trends that impact our business. Contact us at DyMar Inc. and we will use that knowledge to find and implement innovative effective and affordable solutions that benefit our client’s bottom line. We firmly believe in doing it right the first time — “Better by Design”How may we help you complete your project.

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