DyMar Inc.

Welcome to DyMar

A comprehensive full-service project planning resource providing Civil Engineering and Land Surveying. We are a lean and energetic company that provides quality and affordable engineering, planning, surveying, and development services throughout Connecticut and beyond.

Better By Design

Our goal is for each of our projects, large or small, to be “Better by Design” – that means a high standard of design quality upfront and identifying problems before they become expensive mistakes. There are few technical disciplines that are beyond DyMar’s reach.

Civil Engineering and Land Surveying in Connecticut with DyMar

With over three decades of practical experience with civil engineering in Connecticut and beyond, technical excellence and great client responsiveness we will exceed your expectations. We have the reliable expertise to help you and understand your unique needs. Every person on our team is dedicated to your success. DyMar collaborates with property owners, institutions, developers and municipalities. We tailor our services to the specific goals of our clients. We provide engineering, site planning, project design, environmental sciences, permit coordination, septic systems, storm water management, land surveying and construction management. DyMar invites you to explore our website to see how we can best serve your needs.

Providing Services Which Add Value to a Client’s Investment

DyMar understands that a client’s principle route to success is through profits and performance. Although there is no instant formula for either, our professional staff knows the meaning of value, defining what is practical and possible with each project. At DyMar, we work smarter for your investment dollar by seizing every opportunity to maximize your return, and only after weighing all the issues and costs. DyMar equates value to knowing what must be done and then doing it right . . . the first time. We apply broad technical know-how, demand proficiency and attend to detail in every project. This is what our clients expect and have become accustomed to.

Designs are Engineered by Specialists

The principals of DyMar are the workhorses of the organization and attend to our clients’ needs everyday, from inception through construction. Each utilizes sound engineering principles, their professional judgment and seasoned design skills to recommend solutions which work for our clients.

Performance without the High Costs of a Larger Organization. DyMar is a professional organization that has combined the talents and resources of leading experts amongst individual disciplines to provide a single source service to its clients. The combined talents of these individuals are typically only found within larger design firms, but due to their size and complexity, their most talented professionals are often lost in administrating the firm and generally are not assigned to the project. Clients typically receive less, at a higher cost. The organizational structure at DyMar, however, allows the principals to focus their energies more on the client and project without the added burden of organizational problems or higher overhead costs associated with these firms.

Proven Industry Experience with Civil Engineering and Land Surveying in Connecticut and Beyond

DyMar’s principals and associates each have cultivated a long standing working relationship in the everyday challenges of design and construction. The successful outcome of any engineering assignment is directly attributed to the collective skills and experience of the assigned staff. Our ability to work together in meeting the demands of a project are excellent.

Tested Project Management Skills

DyMar has the management skills and experience to handle major multi-disciplined efforts to complete a project. We utilize a team approach and short lines of communications directly to the principals to meet the demands of our clients. DyMar manages projects effectively planning, implementing design solutions, communications, budgets and schedules.

DyMar is experienced in public participation programs including presentations at public hearings, town meetings and informal workshops at the local level. We interact closely with our clients, public services, local and state agencies, and utility companies by meeting frequently. We address strategies, scheduling, construction procedures, and potential conflicts to avoid costly time delays an cost overruns.

DyMar is a trusted advisor to our clients and that means taking a personal approach to listening to their needs and building relationships. We identify technical solutions that are realistic, affordable and that will maximize Return on Investment. We stay current with the rapid changes in political, regulatory, market, technological and economic trends that impact our business. DyMar will use that knowledge to find and implement innovative effective and affordable solutions that benefit our client’s bottom line. We firmly believe in doing it right the first time — “Better by Design”

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