Residential Subdivision

DyMar has a wealth of experience designing livable and efficient residential subdivision communities that make the most of every construction dollar invested. We have worked closely with the top developers in Connecticut and in other states providing the personal service and expertise that result in top-notch construction and successful, livable housing. Our portfolio includes a wide range of cost effective building layouts from small to large, each with a close eye to maximizing the use of settings and resources of each site. We start by examining the visible landscape to define the opportunities and challenges of our assignment, and then create innovative and sustainable design solutions to match our Clients’ objectives and vision.

Residential Subdivision

Aisling Meadows Subdivision,
Woodbury, CT


DyMar’s Residential Subdivision Clients

  • Able Construction, Inc.
  • Aisling Properties, LLC
  • BDL Environmental Group, LLC
  • Baker Residential, L.P.
  • Blackhorse Development, LLC
  • C&M Homes, Inc.
  • Calatrava Properties
  • Cappelli Enterprises
  • Cortina Development
  • Eden Harbour Condominium Association
  • Essex Resource Group, LLC
  • Evergreen Estates
  • Fairchild Realty Group
  • GaMa Development, Inc.
  • Heritage Development Group
  • Imagineers, LLC
  • Investment Property Management
  • Jans Land Development, LLC
  • M. Rieder Companies
  • Meadow Brook Builders, LLC
  • Meehan Group, LLC
  • Metro Atlantic, LLC
  • Michael Greenburg & Associates
  • Middlebury Estates, LLC
  • National Realty & Development Corp.
  • Newtown Savings Bank
  • Old Harbour Fine Homes, Inc.
  • Orangewood East Condominiums
  • Pine Rock Investment Corp., LLC
  • Platts Lane Property Management Corp.
  • Pulte Homes Corp.
  • Real Rock Associates, LLC
  • RJS Builders, LLC
  • Rockville Bank
  • SENCO Development
  • Sterling Construction Management, LLC
  • Summit Residential, LLC
  • Tappe Irrevocable Trust
  • Toll Brothers, Inc.
  • T.P.S. Inc.
  • Trammell Crow Residential, Inc.
  • Tyler’s Cove Association
  • WCI Communities
  • Willow Creek farm, LLC