Regulatory Permitting

The regulatory permitting process can be quite overwhelming and complex at times, requiring a seasoned professional team to navigate a project through the local, state or federal approval process.  We provide these services at DyMar to assist in reaching positive outcomes. We are the team to answer your questions and guide you each step along the way, a team dedicated to building a strategy tailored to your needs that can translate your vision into a reality.  Our veteran Clients have learned to involve DyMar early on, advice we recommend to anyone who needs a permit, regardless if you are homeowner, a public official or a developer.   A call to us will enable you to flush out the challenges you may face, helping you to avoid costly mistakes from taking the wrong path, but also identify the opportunities that can lead you to a successful outcome.

DyMar addresses the permitting challenges we face today by:

  • Being creative in our thinking, integrating “tested” design solutions into the permit process.
  • Working as a team player with all the stakeholders, delivering reliable approaches that appeal to regulators without compromising the Client’s interests.
  • Staying engaged with the regulatory community by working closely with staff, boards and commissions to understand their issues, recognizing there are often conflicting and overlapping interests between the parties involved.
  • Being keenly aware of the outside forces that can complicate the process, such as community, political and environmental interests, making sure the strategy chosen addresses their concerns and provides value in return.
  • Managing the process by being out in front of the regulatory hurdles, always keeping a close eye on the schedule, quality of the product and completeness of a submission, making sure the Client is involved in every critical decision along the way.
  • Delivering convincing presentations at hearings by way of clear and concise communications, colored and readable drawings and solid expert testimony, keying on the “end game” – securing the approval.

Processing Regulatory Permits is in the details of clear and concise applications.


DYMAR’s managed and integrated design approach to the permit process enables us to provide the following services:

Local Regulatory Permitting Services

Planning, Zoning, Zoning Board of Appeals, Inland Wetland & Watercourses, Conservation, Water Pollution Control, Board of Selectman, Municipal Offices and Health

  • Subdivisions
  • Special Permits
  • Site Plan Applications
  • Planned Design Districts
  • Zone Amendments and Text Changes
  • Coastal Area Management
  • Floodplain Management
  • Inland Wetland and Watercourses Regulated Activities
  • Conservation and Open Space Dedication
  • Road and Infrastructure Acceptance
  • Septic Systems
  • Sewer District Extensions
  • Community Septic System Maintenance Agreements

State Regulatory Permitting Services

Departments of Environmental Protection, Transportation, State Traffic Commission, Public Health and Utility Control

  • Flood Management Certification
  • Inland 401 Water Quality Certification
  • Inland Wetlands and Watercourses
  • Stream Channel Encroachment Lines
  • Water Diversion
  • Office of Long Island Sound Programs
  • Water Discharges to Groundwater, Sanitary Sewer and Surface Water
  • Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activities
  • Stormwater & Dewatering Wastewater Associated with Construction Activities
  • Vehicle Maintenance Wastewater
  • Lake, Pond and Basin Dredging
  • State Highway Encroachment Permit
  • State Traffic Certification
  • Subsurface Disposal Systems
  • Advanced Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Federal Regulatory Permitting Services

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency

  • Section 404 Permit regulating the discharge of dredged, excavated, or fill materials affecting wetlands, streams, rivers and other U.S. waters
  • Federal/State National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES/SPDES)
  • Letter of Map Revisions under the National Insurance Study Program