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There are various delivery methods and options by which a project such as new home construction can be completed. Few Owners’ maintain the staff resources necessary to pay close attention to the details that can often “make or break” a project. DyMar tailors its services to protect the Owner’s investment throughout the construction cycle. Design-Bid-Build, Engineering-Procurement-Construction, and Design-Build are a few of the many approaches we use to successfully complete projects. DyMar’s dedicated staff works as a Team Player recognizing there are many stakeholders in the construction of project. No matter what type of delivery method is used, we take the construction process seriously. Our role is to ensure the best possible outcome for your project.

What we do.

  • We will be a trusted representative of the Owner as their “eyes and ears” in looking out for their best interests. We will pay close attention to the details at all stages of the construction process.
  • DyMar will actively participate in the exchange of information and ideas between the stakeholders. We seek to integrate the strengths and talents of each entity with DyMar’s design intent and expertise. This synergy creates the opportunity to optimize workflow, improve quality, reduce conflicts and minimize construction delays, overruns and change orders.
  • We will work towards having a keen understanding of industry practices. Our means and methods, project planning, schedules, cost and quality assurance controls, delivery systems, safety and the importance of timely action to critical decisions, all of which are essential in “Charting the Right Course” to a successful project.
  • DyMar will work towards clearly understanding DyMar’s role and involvement with each assignment. We are accountable for the advice, actions and decisions offered to the Owner and other stakeholders. We know that you are relying on DyMar’s expertise. DyMar matches qualified personnel with the direct needs of the assignment, making sure your dollars are being spent wisely.
  • We will be a “pro-active” participant during the entire construction process.  Our staff will contribute our technical knowledge and management skills enthusiastically. We will listen to alternatives and ideas that can benefit the Client in a positive way, as well as broaden our own perspective.

DyMar’s seasoned team of specialists and resources have the capacity to offer the following services, including new home construction:

  • Bidding Services
  • Cost Estimating Services
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Project/Construction Scheduling
  • Submittal Reviews
  • Construction Administration
  • S&E Inspections
  • Project Site Observations
  • Special Inspections
  • Close-Out Services
  • QA/QC Delivery Reviews
  • Community Liaison
  • Life Cycle Cost Evaluations