Civil Engineering

As one of the oldest professions, the civil engineering firm at DyMar has been contributing for more than 25 years multi-disciplinary Civil Engineering Services in the planning, design, permitting and construction of the built environment in which we live, work and play. Our knowledge and technical experience enables us to provide Clients’ with Transportation, Water Resources, Environmental and Municipal/Urban Engineering Services, tailored to the needs of a project of any size, whether as lead consultant or in a support role as a team consultant. Our success as Civil Engineers is attributable to the following principles.

  • We lead by building design strategies with our Clients and peers that are sustainable from both the bottom–up and top-down, working together collectively to find technical solutions that are both realistic and affordable.
  • DyMar manages the design and regulatory process by removing the obstacles that create costly mistakes thru a customized approach to match a Client’s expectations.
  • We execute by planning first in flushing out the issues early on in the process, identifying potential costs and regulatory impacts and then developing solutions and options that give our Clients’ choices.
  • DyMar actively engages our Clients’ in every critical decision that affects the viability and strategic mission of the project, seizing opportunities to maximize their investment and spark new ideas in redefining a project’s outcome.

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DyMar’s seasoned team of specialists and resources has the ability to offer the following services in Civil Engineering:

Land Planning and Design

  • Site Selection/Due-Diligence Studies
  • Land Use Appraisals
  • Infrastructure Studies and Design
  • Master Planning
  • Civil Site Design
  • Low-Impact Design
  • Parking and Circulation Studies
  • Septic System Design
  • Cost Estimating/Value Engineering
  • Landscape and Lighting Plans

Regulatory and Environmental Compliance

  • Municipal, State and Federal Regulatory Procurement
  • Environmental Mapping and Audits
  • Impact Studies, Reports and Mitigation
  • Soils Evaluations
  • Colored Illustrations and Presentation Materials

Water Resources Civil Engineering

  • Drainage and Flood Control
  • Wastewater Collection, Conveyance and Treatment
  • Hydraulic and Hydrology Studies
  • Dam Breach Analysis
  • Water Supply Studies and Design
  • Water Quality and Quantity Studies and Design
  • Groundwater Monitoring, Sampling and Modeling

Transportation Engineering

  • Road Design
  • Earthwork Volume Analysis

We are a comprehensive full-service civil engineering firm that specializes in project planning. We are a lean and energetic company that provides quality and affordable civil engineering, planning, surveying, and development services throughout Connecticut and beyond.