Easton Racquet Club

DyMar is a full-service construction project planning resource providing engineering, planning, surveying and development services.

Client: Easton Racquet Club

Project Size: 10.0 acres

Construction Value: $750,000

Completion Status: Spring 2022

Project Highlights:

Our Challenge:

DyMar Inc. was retained to improve the on-site water supply and sewage disposal systems; master plan to maximize court expansion opportunities and pool upgrades and security of special permit.

Services Provided: Master planning, site civil engineering and land surveying services, approval permits and bidding assistance. A cost effective design solution to treat the water supply system for improved taste, reduction in hardness, increased supply and pressure.

Our Deliverable:

Expansion of the sewage disposal system, lighting upgrade for reduced utility costs and four new paddle and four pickle ball courts.

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